The Best Valentine’s Day Cute Gift Ideas (+DIY)

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Valentine’s Day is coming soon! It is the day of love, not only a couple’s love but love for everyone too.

I have prepared a list of cool gift ideas to surprise and make happy your loved ones. Whether you have a significant other or not, this post sure is for you!

Things that you can buy:

  • scented candles

This present is ideal for lovers of home comfort. Every time a person blows the candle they’ll think of you. Personally, I’d love to get such a present because I love soft smells and a good atmosphere.

  • cute journal stationary

For art kids or just anyone who actually cares about their studying stationery, this present can bring a lot of joy! If you want some ideas on what to purchase, check out this post.

  • makeup box

For a makeup lover in your life, you can buy a cute makeup box (they’re not necessarily expensive) and put there some cool products. They’ll be happy to receive such a gift!

  • latest makeup products

With the makeup box, you can gift your makeup lover with the latest products of their favorite brands. It will 100% make them super happy because they probably have them on their wish list already.

  • phone case

Some cases may be pretty boring to give as a present. But there are some that do really stand out.

Phone cases like this (down below) are with a built-in game console and got a lot of hype recently. No wonder, because there are good old 2000’s games from our childhood.

  • a box of food

A perfect gift for anyone I guess. It doesn’t have to be a box. Just simply some of their favorite food. And the level of happiness will above average for sure!

  • skin-care kit

Everyone wants to have clear skin, no doubt. And giving your loved one skin-care products (especially from popular and trusted brands) as a Valentine’s Day gift, is a cool way to boost their confidence and self-love.

Mario Badescu acne control kit
e.l.f. skin hydration kit
Mario Badescu kit for oily/combo skin
  • eco bag and supplies

This present kills two pigs with one stone: you help the person to save the Earth from more plastic and this person is happy because they can save the Earth from more plastic.

Yeah, cool and simple. I’d be very happy to get some environmental-friendly stuff for everyday life like straws, bags, and bottles as a gift.

  • buy a coral

If you and your loved one who’s going to receive the present are concerned about the Earth’s future (because who isn’t), there are a lot of donation stations. But the coolest one is this one.

On this website, you can donate some money to save the coral reefs and the ocean eco-system.

Orrrr… you can adopt a coral! Yes, you’ve read it right! You can have your very own piece of coral reef somewhere in the ocean that will revitalize the life there.


You or your loved one can get a certificate and will be able to give a name to your “child”. I guess this is the most romantic thing someone would have ever done for me heheh. I mean that’s awesome!

  • ticket to an amusement park

For someone who’s inner child is bored and tired of life.

  • fancy or cute jewelry

Cute pieces of jewelry are on the top of many people’s wishlists. Especially some unique ones or matching that connect people in some way.

Check out also my post with 20 pieces of jewelry that any girl will like!

  • a book

A good book is a pleasant gift 100%. Especially, the books that focus on life- and self-development.

I highly recommend the book “Be Love Now” by Ram Dass. This book tells about the path of the heart, how to learn to love unconditionally everyone and everything, how to enhance spiritual awareness.

Every time after reading it, there’s a good feeling of love and appreciation inside. It is such a positive and eye-opening book and it is an awesome idea for a gift.

  • Instax camera

I bet that any lover of photography or memories at some point in life wants a polaroid or disposable camera. Because of how you can create aesthetic photos and make memories that you can hold in your hands. An amazing gift but not that cheap. But still worth it.

  • a ticket to a concert

Maybe it is not one of the most affordable presents ever, but it brings so much happiness ahh!

  • cute socks

I think this is the best way to show your love (hahah just kidding). But why not? Some unique and extravagant socks are awesome and will keep you warm. I mean why not?!

  • lip balms

Here’s a cute way to “wrap” your gift:


The best presents are hand-made, right? Yeeaah! So here are some ideas of gifts that your hands and heart can work on.

  • make a card

A cute small card with the sweetest words can melt any heart. There are lots of cards that you can simply print. Or if you are really inspired, get some pens, draw and decorate it yourself. It’ll be cute!

  • cook some sweeties

Sweeten the life of your loved one a lil bit! Maybe with the help of some cookies made with love? Or muffins stuffed with care and affection? Or a cake with positive vibes? Hahah yeah, it’s possible. Just add a little more love than usual 😀

You can decorate some Oreo’s or strawberries with chocolate, bake some pink cookies or muffins, or make some macaroons.

Actually, I’m in love with macaroons. And once, a few years ago, I decided to surprise my family with some hand-made macaroons on Valentine’s Day. I was so inspired by the pics of these cute colorful and “juicy” cookies and they were so irresistible!

I spent my last money on the quite expensive ingredients like almond powder. Then I waited till I am home alone to start “the magic”. I was sure I was making everything right and followed the instructions.

But something went wrong (*everything) and instead of the round, smooth, French cookies, I got something that looks like colorful sh*tty flapjacks. I got disappointed, my family laughed. I wish I had a pic of this baking masterpiece hahah.

Anyway, don’t repeat my mistakes. It’s better to buy macaroons than spend hundreds $ and end up with some crap hahah. At least I had fun.

Thank you for reading this far! I hope you got inspired for Valentine’s Day and are ready to shower your loved ones with love. Cause I am!

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