My Top-9 Favorite Beauty Tips

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In this post, I’ve gathered top-9 beauty and kinda self-care tips that work for me and that might work for you too. ♥ Here they areee:

  • coconut oil

It is good for almost everything! Hair, lips, eyelashes, body.  I’ve been using coconut oil for growing my eyelashes for a while now. And the results are amazing! They have become much darker, longer and stronger. Ahh, I love them a lot now heheh!

You can apply it on your lashes and/or brows with a mascara brush or just your fingers with eyes closed before going to bed. But consider whether you have an allergy for the oil before using it.

Also, you can try to apply it on your hair ends and leave it for an hour. It’ll help to strengthen and hydrate them.

  • softer skin

Make a brown sugar and vanilla body scrub to get softer skin (use brown sugar, vanilla essence, and coconut oil). Use it once or twice a week during a shower. For softer lips, you can make a similar scrub and add some honey.

To make skin soft you should exfoliate every other time, moisturize, and keep it safe from extreme heat and cold.

  • essential oils

Essential oils are something that can help you with everything. They can calm you down, take away your anxiety, fears, anger, create a relaxing atmosphere. But also, they can stimulate hair growth, help with acne, improve your sleep and focus.

The most popular essential oils are lavender, tea tree oil, lemon, ylang-ylang. You can add a few drops of lavender oil to candles to create a nice atmosphere. Tea tree oil helps with acne (but consult your dermatologist before homemade treatment). The lemon one gives a zesty flavor to desserts. You can look it up on the Internet for more information.

  • green tea

Green tea can help with hair growth, weight loss, acne. Applying green tea on hair can reduce its loss, help it to grow, make it longer, thicker, and stronger. It’s super good for health. It improves your nervous system, skin, burns fat, helps you to live longer and makes you happier. And it’s delicious!

  • smell good

To smell good all day, can help simple water, lotions, creams, perfumes. After taking a shower, apply a good smelling lotion and/or cream (check out these amazing lotions) to feel like a goddess.

If you use perfumes and think that they don’t last long I have some tips for you. Try to apply it behind your ears, on your glands, wrists, behind your knees, on the back of your neck. It may seem a lot I agree. But these are the areas where scents last the longest. Put vaseline before you put perfume on for even longer effect.

  • moisturizing

Moisturizing every day keeps skin glowy, hydrated, and healthy. It reduces the chance of future breakouts. You can use oils or creams based on your skin type. Natural oils are good ones. For example, this 100% pure argan oil nourishes dry, sensitive and normal skin. It benefits your skin head to toe, even hair and nails.

  • rose water

Rose water is an amazing natural beauty product that makes your skin radiate with a healthy glowyness. Get it in your skin-care routine to get naturally gorgeous skin. You can use it as a toner, cleanser, and to treat acne. You can try this Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe Herbs and Rosewater to make your skin look and feel better.

  • enough sleep

Yess! I bet you heard a million times how important a good night’s sleep is. It actually is. Your skin gets better, hair healthier, and overall well-being is normal. But, not all of us are able to get enough sleep when we have so much to do and only 24 hours in a day.

If you don’t have these 8 hours at night try to take small naps throughout the day. Or try to adjust your schedule and remember that your health is above everything else!

  • honey

Honey is an awesome natural product to get softer lips, to treat acne, blackheads, scars. To get softer lips with the help of honey firstly exfoliate them with a scrub and apply a thin layer of honey before going to bed. And wake up to smooth and soft lips.

Before treating acne with honey consult your dermatologist first.

These tips are great, no doubt, but the real beauty comes within. So you should equally spend your time on your physical and inner wellness. And it will be okay. I promise.


Maybe you have some tips to share? Feel free to comment them down below.

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