30 Self-Love Affirmations to Remember When Feeling Down

Affirmations are a wonderful way to feel more positive about your life. Repeating and remembering them helps a lot when you’re feeling down too. And in this post, I have prepared for you my favorite 30 affirmations that will help you remain optimistic and loving to yourself when you don’t feel good. First things first …

50 Self-Care Ideas to Help You Get In Tune With Yourself

In this always hurrying and a rather depressive world, self-care must become an important part of our lives, especially for people who often experience the bad aspects of life. I have prepared 50 ideas and ways on how to have some self-care time. It can be 10 minutes a day or even the whole day, it doesn’t really matter. What matters is the time spent with benefits for you and your health. Happy self-caring!