20 Stunning Presets for a Consistent Instagram Feed

Hi darling!
Have you ever dreamed of having a consistent and aesthetic Instagram feed, as these fellow bloggers do? If you have and really want to but haven’t decided with the theme this post might be helpful for you. I have prepared 20 stunning presets which can be used in Photoshop, Lightroom, or VSCO. And may spark some inspiration in you. Enjoy!

20 Feminine Pieces of Jewelry for Teens

Jewelry has allowed us to stand out, to express our uniqueness and style through it. Many girls and women all over the world can’t imagine their life without some pretty rings and bracelets. I love jewelry a lot. Especially simple and minimalistic one. And if you’re like me, obsessed over cute trinkets, then this post with the 20 gorgeous pieces of the jewel is definitely for you.