Soul Care: 30 Things to Do For Your Mental Peace

Mental peace is very important. And self-care should not only be for your body.

Every day find a few minutes to take care of your soul, mind, and heart.

Here are 30 things you can do for your soul to keep yourself in peace during the day and life.

1. read a good book that leaves you inspired

2. write how you feel

3. write anything

4. pet and play with an animal

5. hug a tree, feel its energy

6. listen to the birds, they have such healing and sweet voices

7. plan the next day, be ahead of the game

8. eat some fruits

9. make your favorite snack/lunch, treat yaself

10. call your friends/family, they’ll love to hear from you

11. sit in silence, listen to what it tries to say

12. draw/visualize your biggest dream

13. walk barefoot, give all the worries to the Earth, you don’t need them

14. dance to your favorite song, lift your vibes!

15. educate yourself, knowledge is power

16. watch the sunrise/moonrise, see how every day can start in a beautiful way

17. meditate, find a happy place in your soul

18. go for a run, empty your mind

19. don’t use your phone for a couple hours

20. think of the things you’re grateful for

21. get a skin-care routine that works for you

22. take a picture of yourself, and don’t delete it later

23. hug someone and tell them how much you appreciate them

24. take a good nap

25. befriend a nice stranger on the Internet

26. read a good blog and learn something new

27. make a saving $ plan

28. talk to God/Universe/angels/even aliens, they hear you, don’t be afraid

29. write a love letter to yourself

30. take a deep deep breath, you’ll be more than fine

Have a beautiful day and life

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Soul Care: 30 Things to Do For Your Mental Peace - My Vivid Life
Discover these 30 caring things you can do for your soul and to uplift your vibes! #selfcare #soulcare #mentalhealth

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