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September Mood Board + School Motivation Tips

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September Mood Board + School Motivation Tips - My Vivid Life
Get ready for school with my September mood board! Get a beautiful phone background + tips on how to stay motivated while studying!
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Hi sunny! A new monthly mood board on My Vivid Life is here!!

Happy new month to everyone who’s reading it. May September 2020 be the best one in this year yet.

In this month’s mood board I’d love to talk about school and school motivation.

For me, my motivation to study and overall going to school lasts only for a week. Even a day.

One day at school is enough for me to realize that I’m already done.

Motivation is gone but school isn’t. So what to do? I’ve got you!

Here are some tips that helped me to survive last year.
  • make your notes prettier

It’s not a secret that cute notes make you want to write and study more.

But you’re not gonna always be so focused on every little detail in your writing, right? Yes.

So when you’re too tired or lazy to prettify your notes, just simply focus on a neater handwriting, add some highlighters, and super simple doodles. And you’re good to go!

While enjoying the process of decorating your writings, you’re more than likely will get some motivation and will to continue studying:)

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  • create big and small goals

At the beginning of the year, I love to create bigger semester and quarter goals, and smaller weekly/daily goals.

Here are my goals for the first quarter of the sophomore school year:

Let yourself strive for something. Think of a goal/vision that you have in mind about your future.

Imagine yourself having all straight A’s at the end of the year. Imagine yourself graduating as one of the best students.

Let your future motivate you!

Have a goal in mind and let it guide you.

You can create a visual mood board with pictures of the desired things you want to achieve/have and put it on the well seen place.

Or create your own wallpaper and set it as your phone background. I love doing it every month. Here’s the one I created for August:

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You can use any pictures and quotes you like and that inspire you!

  • treat & encourage yourself

There are some days when pretty notes and goals is not enough.

So you should encourage yourself to do the best you can by treating yourself afterwards.

For example, for every read chapter of a boring book get yourself a little bit of your fave snack. Add up the number of the chapters you read and then enjoy your food!

Or 10 minutes to spend on your phone for every 30 mins studying.

Or just a longer sweet nap:)

But don’t overindulge, balance everything out so that you have some energy and will to continue studying.

  • let your success and failure motivate you

Don’t let any type of success or failure at studies discourage you from keeping going.

Vice versa – let it inspire you to do even better!

Got an A in biology yesterday? Keep going for A+!

Didn’t pass a history test? Don’t worry too much, you’ll do better next time. Start studying harder.

Know that you can always do better. But don’t burn yourself out and appreciate all the success you’ve already got:)

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  • have your friends and music studying with you

You can study with your friends in person or over the phone. It’s fun and kind of productive when you help each other out.

Or let music help you to see through your tasks. Play a nice playlist, get into productive mood, and go get your knowledge!

This August I made a bunch of posts to help you be a ready, successful, and productive student and excel at studies!

Check ’em out here or scroll down for “you might also like”.

I hope you have a beautiful September and nice study year!!

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September Mood Board + School Motivation Tips - My Vivid Life
Get ready for school with my September mood board! Get a beautiful phone background + tips on how to stay motivated while studying!

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