How to Develop a Positive Mindset to Survive Sh:)ty Days

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Everything starts with the right mindset. Our reality is deeply connected to the way we think. And when it comes to bad days, sometimes the situation even worsens when your mind focuses only on negativity.

That is when I got to know the power of positive thinking.

Looking back in the past, I remember my mind most of the time was like: “eew why everybody hates me. there’s literally no purpose in my life. i don’t care, i’ll die anyways. ahh, why i am so ugly. why this shit keeps happening to me? i have no luck. they’re better than me anyways so why do i need to do this”

I kept this all in my mind to the point until one day I got tired. Like REALLY tired.

These thoughts exhausted me so much I started seeking the ways to stop it cause somewhere deep down I felt that I deserve better.

The next thing I knew is that I actually hold the power to change everything and I can strive for better things.

Then, every day lots of my focus went on developing the mindset I needed. I didn’t follow any plan or guide. It all came kind of naturally. “The soul knows how to heal itself” and so does the mind.

Now I’ve changed a lot. And looking back at the whole process (that actually still continues), I can now figure out what exactly helped me and may help you on your journey too.

But before we get to the main part, I want to let you know that I will not talk about how to be always optimistic and see sunshine and butterflies in everything. Or reach that level when you stop seeing and feeling bad things.

Here, you’ll learn some real and simple positivity. The one that does really MAKE a change in day-to-day life. That will help you to get a little lighter and easier mindset.

Sooo… let’s get to the tips!

1 – set an intention to change your mindset in a better way

It all starts with an intention. Changing your mindset too.

So sit or lay down (or whatever else) and focus on the thought that you’re going to change your way of thinking. It helps even more if you write everything down.

Here’s what I wrote as an intention:

– “from this very moment, I dedicate more of my time to bettering my mind. And I am serious about it. I’m tired of all the negativity I’ve been experiencing for a while.

I will do whatever I need to see more light and less darkness in my life. There’s no way I won’t change it.”

Without a clear intention to do so you can’t do that and simply start. Focus on the goal to change your way of thinking and set your mind to be patient because it may take some time to shift your mindset.

2 – be compassionate and not too harsh on yourself

You need to understand that you’re on the way to inevitable changes so being hard on and hating yourself will only slow down the process.

To see the light in things you first have to see the light in yourself. You can do so by practicing self-love, care, and compassion.

I’ve written how I’m being more compassionate to myself and how you can too in this post.

Basically, most of the negative thoughts are about self-image. How we’re hating the way we look or are too paranoid about how others view us or undervalue ourselves. I’ve been there, most of us have.

To change it you have to be a little bit kinder to yourself, appreciate your unique looks, start believing that you deserve what you want.

I want to share this exercise with you that I love. Whenever you feel bad about yourself, or you’re having an anxiety attack, or you’re feeling negative just because – imagine a light glowing in your chest.

Close your eyes and focus on that. Observe it. See what color is it. How bright it shines.

Imagine how it gets bigger and bigger until it takes up the whole room. Then the whole building you’re in. Then the city, country, continent. Until you see it from the space.

You’re that ball of light. It is actually the real you – a bright, positive, and loving ball of sunshine. You were just unaware of that. And now you are.

So treat this light kindly.

3 – catch negative and toxic thoughts and transform them

Awareness helps me a lot on my journey. Just simply catching your negative thought before it ruins your day and releasing it or even better – transforming it into something loving – will REALLY save your day.

It sounds too easy, I know. I had so much frustration in the learning process of it. And sometimes still have heheh.

But if the desire to change and grow is stronger then nothing can stop you.

So, what I’m talking about.

Start seeing your mind from another perspective. Start watching and analyzing your thoughts as if you’re watching someone else’s mind. It should come easy.

Then every time you catch yourself thinking negatively just simply stop. Stop and let this thought go. Don’t judge yourself for it, nor pity.

For example, you’re doing your homework or any other thing and this ugly random thought pops out from nowhere “ahh, nobody will ever love me”.

And then you should be like “umm, tf was that? i don’t wanna think about that” and move on with your stuff.

No, it’s not ignoring or distracting yourself so then to get back to it. It is simply releasing it.

Imagine your thoughts as bubbles underwater. Let them go. Let them go to the surface. Don’t keep them if they make you feel bad.

An even better thing you can do to stop focusing on negativity is to transform such thoughts.

Here’s what I mean.

If you have trouble letting go of your thoughts – change them.

“Nobody will ever like/love me” change to “it’s okay, I’m already loved. I’ll find my love when I’m ready. Now I can enjoy my solitude to get to know myself better”


“why bad luck keeps following me? why am i so unlucky?” change to “whoa, slow down, I’m still blessed with some things in my life. And if need I can create my own luck”

Don’t entertain yourself with the thoughts that anyways deep down you know are not true.

Keep the thoughts positive whenever you can. Cause you run them…

4 – stay present and appreciate the moment

Stop and smell the roses how they say. Appreciate this very moment reading it. It is your life. And your life consists of small moments like this.

Living always in the past or future is often followed by anxieties, negative emotions, and overthinking.

Focus on the light in your chest to remember to stay present.

Enjoy the beauty of the moment. Even if it’s not the best one you’ve ever had.

Once you start appreciating your present life and see that it is pretty, you’ll start noticing positive and good things more than bad ones. It is another step to an optimistic mindset.

Simple moments to enjoy:
  • the morning sunbeams glowing on your face
  • the smell of untouched yet coffee
  • gentle raindrops on your hand
  • the smile of your friend
  • the mysterious fog in your soul and mind
  • noticing new details in someone’s face
  • the finished homework/work
  • pretty clouds floating in the sky at a different speed
  • watering the plants
  • changing seasons
  • making your loved ones laugh
  • dancing alone

There are soooo many things to appreciate and enjoy. Notice them. Nourish your mind with beautiful things. Then you’ll feel that it becomes beautiful too…

5 – be grateful

When you start enjoying the moment then it’s time to be grateful for it.

Let me tell you one thing…

When you are sincerely thankful for something you create positive energy in your heart and around you. And this energy is glowing so bright so that it can’t help but attracts the same type of energy.

You manifest good things into your life faster. It is called the Law of Attraction. Like attracts like.

It is simply, the Universe sees you being really happy about having something. She’s feeling good about that.

So she wants to make you feel even better by sending you things you’ll certainly be happy about. She’s becoming even more joyful by making you feel more!

I recommend you to dive deeper into that stuff on your own cause I could be talking for hours about that hahah. But we’re focusing on how to be more positive here, right? Yeah.

What I mean by that, whether you believe in the Universe and energy and all these divine laws or not. Being grateful makes you feel positive. Because you focus on the things you have rather than which you do not.

Remembering and appreciating your life will make you happier. Which whaaat? Yeahh – leads to a permanent positive mindset.

Try that right now.

Look around you. See? So many things to be thankful for! “I’m grateful for the clothes I have. For the food I eat and the water I drink. I’m grateful for my room. For my loved ones and friends. I’m grateful for my life.”

Start practicing it on a daily basis. Turn it into a habit that you can develop in 21-30 days. Write a gratitude journal. Say it out loud.

Change your way of thinking from “I don’t have this” to “but I have this”.

6 – surround yourself to positivity and such vibes

Take inspiration from the outside world. It has plenty of it! There are so many people in your life and on social media that radiate positive vibes. Surround yourself to them.

Unfollow those who make you feel less. And while in real life it’s pretty hard to “unfollow” people you can learn to deal with their negativity.

Imagine yourself inside a glowing bubble that lets in only love and such feelings. It doesn’t let negativity harm you. Yeah, sounds stupid. But so helpful. Try it.

Where else find positivity:
  • listen to music that uplifts you
  • save more inspiring quotes on Pinterest
  • follow people who are funny and optimistic (my fave influencers that are like that are @best.dressed, @mylifeaseva, @joeywoahy, @brentrivera)
  • use pep-talks and affirmations
  • pretty phone backgrounds

I love pep-talks. Just a simple phrase in front of the mirror like “hey bish, hope ur doing good, ur cute today btw”


“I’m strong, worthy, and capable to achieve anything I want” or anything like that adds up to your overall positivity level.

7 – get excited more

This goes for appreciating and enjoying the moments we’ve talked about before. Life is pretty most of the time. Enjoy that. Get excited to wake up in the morning to see the sun and sky again.

Get excited to try a new flavor of the coffee. Seek joy in baking muffins. Get thrilled about the Netflix & chill night. About writing in your new journal. Seeing the sunset. Get excited to taste life!

Get excited like a child about the things that you normally do in your life.

Notice that innocent happiness is everywhere.

Focus on it.

It will help you in developing a positive mindset too.

8 – keep the hope

Keep the hope that better times are ahead, no matter what you’re going through at the moment. Have faith that you’ll be alright despite any obstacle and roadblock.

Learn this simple positivity by reminding yourself that you’re capable. It is very important.

9 – control your mind and be decicated to your growth

Your permanent mindset won’t change in one day or week or even a month. That’s why you’ll need some self-discipline here.

When the inspiration and passion are gone and you’re on your own with your thoughts, don’t let them be negative and self-deprecating.

Control and process them. Fight the negative ones if they don’t go easily. Do it by replacing them with good and grateful thoughts.

Dedicate yourself to your growth. Be sure that it will take you further than you expect it to. Somewhere really beautiful…

Positivity isn’t all about the rainbows, sunshine, and smiling all the time. It is a state of mind. When you know you are completely fine and you will be fine.

When after many meltdowns you’re still kind to yourself and you know that you’ll be more than okay because you’re that bish.

It is being afraid of what life may have prepared for you but still finding the courage to go.

It is knowing that whatever happens to you happens for you and your own highest good, even if it’s painful right now.

Positivity is something when you know that challenges will make you grow into your best self.

And everything that happens to you is an experience to take another lesson from.

Our planet needs more positivity. Start with yourself. Become optimistic about your life, yourself, this world.

Encourage yourself to enjoy your moments, and then start doing it for others.

Sending you nothing but love and positive vibes!!

Have a nice day and life,

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