My Favorite Cute & Short Poetry

Hi, darling!

I’m in love with cute and short poetry. And in this post, I would like to share with you some of my favorite words (not really some, a lot hahah).

I feel so small but so are stars from a distance
ten-word poem

no one ever
learnt to swim
trusting the waves
– sonia

I carry the sun
in a golden cup.
The moon in
a silver bag.
– W. B. Yeats

the way she talked
about the things she loved
made the whole room turn
to see what shone
– Atticus

Angels must be warm to fly.
That’s why she always slept in socks.
– Atticus

on the other side of the clouds
is a bright blue sky. – wh.

you have a
beautiful heart, babygirl.
and it’s meant to know
a beautiful love.
– butterfly rising.

Two souls don’t find each
other by simple accident.

be the moon
and inspire people
even when you’re far from full

she was
and she took
she wanted
with a smile.
r.m. drake

my heart,
oh how wild it loves.
– butterfly rising

Nature’s peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into
trees. The winds will blow their own freshness into you,
and the storms their energy, while cares will drop off
like autumn leaves.
– John Muir

Like a wild flower;
she spent her days,
allowing herself to
grow, not many knew
of her struggle, but
eventually all;
knew of her light.
– Nikki Rowe

let’s be wildflowers,
let our souls be scattered by the wind.
let us grow, wild and free, tall and brave.
let the places that we dream,
in the places where our longings are filled.
let us grow between the cracks
of brokenness,
and we will make everything beautiful. – g.c.

just take me somewhere that
takes my breath away
– butterflies rising

Let July be July.
Let August be August.
And let yourself
just be
even in
the uncertainty.
You don’t have to fix everything.
You don’t have to solve everything.
And you can still
find peace
and grow
in the wild
of changing things. MHN

Be wild
but stay soft
– happiness

soulmates aren’t
just lovers

it takes courage to bloom – Dhiman

whatever makes you feel the sun
from the inside out
chase that
gemma troy

January & June.
Fall in love with someone
who feels like the warmth of the sun
on a cold January morning,
but soothes your heart
like the cold waters of the sea
on the hottest day of June
– Nikita Gill

these storms;
they don’t make mess,
they clean them. – h e a l e r

there are stars you
haven’t seen
and loves you haven’t loved.
there’s light you haven’t felt
and sunrises yet to down
there are dreams
you haven’t dreamt
and days you haven’t lived
and nights you won’t forget
and flowers yet to grow
and there is more to you
that you have yet to
– g.c.

if you’re not going
to swim deep with me
then get out of my waters
– bridgett devoue

I smiled.
It was time
To move
– d.j

In my
darkest hour,
hope kissed my
cheek and said:
will be okay.”
– faraway

maybe one day I’ll meet someone
who looks at me and sees forever
– bridgett devoue

The world is made up of
too many girls
if they are pretty
and too many boys
too shy to tell them.
– atticus

i want to melt
into you like wild honey.
you feel like summer sun.
– butterflies rising

i’m afraid love
doesn’t always
work out that way-
just because you
love summer,
doesn’t mean it can stay.
but who knows
what october will bring?

i just want to have a completely
adventurous, passionate, weird life. – Jeff Buckley

That’s all. But there’s more on my Pinterest!

i love u. let the poems have you.

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