May Mood Board | Time to Get Inspired!

May Mood Board | Time to Get Inspired! - My Vivid Life
Meet May 2020 with my bright mood board! #may2020 #moodboard #wallpapers #collage

Happy May, sunny!

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Haha ok. Honestly I want to help you start your May in a bright way.

I know you’ve been probably stuck for a long time. And I’m talking not only about the quarantine.

We’ve all been there. When you want nothing and everything at the same time. Daydreams and music seem to be the only escape.

When everything makes you sick. And you can do nothing about it.

But heyy… you always make it through… it’s so beautiful.

it’s time for you to fall in love with the world and life again honey.

The sun came up today and cute puppies were born. And someone just said “i love you too” to the love of their life.

Flowers just opened up and are blooming to their fullest. Bees started making honey. The sea was calm somewhere.

There’s a gorgeous sunset being met. And the glowing sunrise appreciated.

An artist somewhere is in the middle of making a masterpiece.

The soulmate that you haven’t met yet has just made something incredible you’d be definitely proud of.

Everything is alright. The planet is still breathing. And so are you, beautiful soul.

Tomorrow will be a wonderful day if today wasn’t. And if not – then the next day definitely will be.

If you’ve been doubting yourself and your life lately – please stop.

You’re in the middle of the process. In this beautiful state when everything is unknown and maybe even seems ugly.

But you know how caterpillars become butterflies? That’s it. You’re just becoming a butterfly. Remember that.

Don’t focus on the negative. Be aware of it but don’t focus on it. Don’t. Don’t. Don’t.

Because you know what?

This world has so much affection for you that you don’t see yet.

The stars hold a lovely and bright future for you.

Don’t worry. Trust the life. Trust your soul. Trust the stars.

You’ll be more than alright.

I had a grand inspiration to write all of this because I feel this will touch the hearts that need to hear this.

If it’s yours, know that I’m glad to give it to you.

Some good songs for Mayyy (links to YouTube:

Save the moodboard and use it as a phone background:)

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