January Moodboard

Hiii, babe!

It’s January, the first month of 2020. It’s kinda strange for me to think that I’m living in 2020. Like…wtf?! It was 2016 yesterday!

But actually I have a lot of hope for this month. In the post where I talked about how to start the year off right, I’ve shared some of my thoughts on the upcoming year and some resolutions.

But besides the spiritual growth, I have some other goals for 2020.

For example, get clear skin. Overall, my skin isn’t that bad, because I’m trying to stick to the routine and rules, which I have shared in this post.

But there’s still room for improvement. And the goal for this year is to find ways to treat it better.

Another, not less important task for this year is to get healthier.

I want to eat better and with benefits for my health, finally start working out or swimming ’cause it’s a problem for me, and drink more water.

When the school started, and I launched my blog, most of the time I spend being inactive. And it’s not good because I’m only 15 and my body’s growing.

But in the next 12 months, I’ll try to focus on my health more than ever!

English is not my native language. So in 2020, I have a huge goal to reach a C2 level and be upper-advanced.

I set a goal to reach a C1 level in English at the beginning of 2019. And I didn’t believe ’till the end that I would do it. That’s crazy!

So, now I know I’m capable of going higher. And English is not the only language I want to master this year. French is my goal.

Ahh, I’m obsessed with it. But that’s not the first attempt to learn it. I would say the fifth lol. I started in the 5th grade. But every time I couldn’t continue.

Now I have a lot of motivation and ambition to do this heheh.

So, let’s talk about the mood board I made for this January. Why didn’t I choose any cold colors, even though it’s winter?

Umm, well. I want summer already. I love winter and I love snow, and Christmas, and holidays. But I love summer more.

That’s why I chose this warm and pinkish aesthetic. It reminds me of good hot summer days, warm and kinda chilly nights, and the sunsets that make your jaw drop.

I can’t wait for June tbh. And I hope I’m not alone who meets the New year with the summer on their mind lmao.

As in any mood board, I share the songs that set my mood for the next month. Here is this January’s (obviously with summer vibes, ahh why am I so weird hahah): (links to Youtube)

Now, Bullet Journal inspooooo!

So, yeah, how they say “it’s the beginning of anything you want, babe”.

I hope this January will be awesome for you!

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  1. Marina W says:

    your blog is so cute 🙂
    Happy New Year~
    – Marina W

    1. vikaluts says:

      aw, thank you so much:)

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