How to Start the Year Off Right And Be a Better Version Of Yourself

The New Year is coming. And so are these always the same resolutions and quotes like “New Year – New Me”. And I doubt that a mindset like this ever bears fruit.

Like seriously, you cannot renew yourself in one night. And why do people always want to become a new version of themselves? Why not be the same but better?

In my opinion, growing is when you accept all your flaws and who you are now. And at the same time knowing that you can better and striving to become one.

So, my main resolution for 2020 is to keep bettering myself. To strive to be the best version of myself. In my journal, I have written something on this topic. I can share a snippet with you.

…The next year I want to continue improving my mindset… I want to keep developing a beautiful mind. The one that is positive and grateful. I will focus on the good more, on the fact that everything’s gonna be okay. I will turn my anger into beautiful thoughts. Jealousy into admiration. Depression into new ideas of the meaning of life. I will accept my sadness and all my flaws. I’m who I am. But I know that I can be better. I know I CAN be better, kinder, softer, but also stronger. My love has no limits. I know that I can still love and forgive those who hurt me… This year I’m going to grow my self-esteem to a healthy level. I’ve faced some facts that I have some arrogance in me. But I don’t want to be like that. I don’t want to be better than anyone else. I just want to be better than I was a year, a month, a week ago. I accept that there are people who are prettier than me, who are smarter, funnier, wiser, have deeper thoughts, a more beautiful mind than I do. But I cannot be like others. And others cannot be like me. I accept that we’re all different and unique and it is beautiful. We all have different and strange mixes of human traits. And I have weirdly mixed mine. And there’s no one with the exact amount and mix of them. And that is what beautiful. That is why everyone’s beautiful…

My main goal for the next year is to keep working on myself, my mindset, my goals.

And now, I’m getting to the basics of this post. Before stepping into the new year, I think, we should think over 4 things:

  • our mindset
  • our habits
  • our goals
  • and relationships with others.

So, first – mindset.

Imagine how you would like to spend your next year and what you would like to get out of your life.

Step into the new year with a good and positive mindset. Figure out what you want, who you want to be, and set your mind on it.

You have the most power to make your next year be better than the previous one.

Habits. Look at your now habits. Are they healthy or toxic? Do they lead you somewhere good or bad? If you noticed that you have some bad habits and want to get rid of them, try to get the plan how to do that.

Figure out what you can do now and what good habits to develop to get closer to your Dream. Do that. And stop doing sh#t that harms you.

Goals. Reaching goals – is what makes life more beautiful and exciting! Think about what you’ve wanted to do for a long time now but wasn’t sure when or how to start. Do that in the new year!

Make the plan to start doing or achieve something. Get busy doing more of what makes you happy! Learn, grow, make, play, love! Ahh, start making urself happier! u deserve it!

Relationships with others. In the next 12 months, learn how to be okay with being all by yourself. Learn how to be okay with being misunderstood by others.

Stop stressing about what people think or don’t like about you. Stop pleasing others if it doesn’t please you too. Don’t waste your precious and limited time on the Earth being someone who you are not just to fit in.

Relationships are healthy if they bring joy and pleasure to both sides. Learn to prioritize healthy relationships over the toxic ones.

You’re much happier when you’re surrounded by people who respect you. Strive to be like that. You deserve only the best.

New Year is an ideal time when we should get in touch with who we really are in order to make ourselves happier. In the next 12 months, try to prioritize your happiness.

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