How to Start a Bullet Journal to Be Productive and Inspired

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Hi, sweetheart!

In this post, I will share with you how I stay productive but also inspired with the help of my Bullet Journal. I will explain what this journal is, give you some inspiration, and recommend some stationery💕

Being inspired and productive at the same time is one of the rules of success. But also it’s kinda not always easy to achieve. Simple planners and to-do lists can help us to be more productive so that we could get done more.

But as for me, I need the inspiration to do things that I do not like to do (like homework, assignments, projects, and all the boring stuff). And the Bullet Journal helps me to escape from this dull reality. I love being creative and plan my days.

Soo… I guess you get it, the Bullet Journal is a new creative way of planning. It’s like a mix of a planner, diary, to-do list, sketchbook, dream journal, mood boards, and everything your soul desires.

Bullet Journals become more and more popular every single day. Because of a lot of inspiring ideas and simplicity.

Ok, let’s get to the basics of bullet journaling. There’s only one special rule to this – that there are no rules. The journal is yours and only yours, get your creative juices flowing.

But also, there are lots of templates on how to fill the pages to get you inspired. I’ll share those that I use and love.

  • index

This may be one of the first pages of your journal. The index is not really necessary but if you want to create some kind of rules on how to mark something, it can be good. Here’s how I made my index page:

my index page

  • the future log/ calendar

You may want to create this section if you need to plan your next year or a few months. You can also add a calendar and underline or circle special dates that you don’t want to forget. 

It is easy to use because you can look at the whole year and see or plan what is important. With this page, I’m getting less confused about the upcoming year and season tbh. 

Take a look at these ideas:

How to Start a Bullet Journal to Be Productive and Inspired - My Vivid Life
Want to start a Bullet Journal but don't know how to start? Check out this guide that will help you get the basics of Bullet Journaling! #bulletjournal #bujo
credits go to the original sources
  • month log

This is one of my favorite parts of the Bullet Journal yay! It’s a place where you can set the mood of the month. Looking at the pictures down below we can see how many ideas and templates there are.

credits go to the original sources

You can draw an empty calendar to write the important things in each section (day). You can make a collage of pretty pictures and drawings to create a month mood board. Or simply draw something and write the name of the month. So many ideas!

Every month, I try to mix things up a lil bit and come up with different ideas. But my favorite layouts ever are mood boards and empty calendars.

  • week log
credits go to the original sources

A week log is a page where you plan your week (it’s logical, right?). Basically, you have a section for each day and can describe them in detail.

Also, if you want, you may write a to-do list for the whole week, a section for notes, habit trackers, and other stuff that is important for you.

Planning my days this way is really helpful. It kinda eases my life, because I know what I need to do today and just get less confused.

  • inspiration things

Yes, bullet journals have souls too. These are the small things that you do with love or other emotions.

Doing photo collages, writing down your thoughts, putting some pressed flowers – that what gives the journal some kind of charm and soul.

And I LOOOVE this! I love writing about my memories, the craziest thoughts, some poetry, and inspiring things.

‘Cause there’s so much inspiration in this world… and i try to put it all in my journal and then come back to it when I’m feeling down (my favorite ‘bad days therapy’ along with music so far).

credits go to the original sources

There’s a lot of other page ideas for bullet journals. Like habit trackers, sleep and nutrition trackers, journal prompts (inspiring questions), brainstorm pages, and so many more.

I haven’t described them because I don’t really use them. But you can find it all on Pinterest.

Also, heeeyy! Here is my Pinterest board where I save all of my journal ideas and inspiration and sometimes post my own pages. Check it out and follow meee:

So, we’ve discussed some basics of bullet journaling and I hope I got you inspired a little bit.

Now I want to recommend some really awesome stationery that I use and that is similar to mine (if you don’t have any stuff to begin with).

  • notebook

There is a notebook with dotted pages that was made especially for bullet journals. Check out some amazing ones (tap on the picture to see the product):

(tap on the pic) This good quality journal is made in a lot of bright colors and is an awesome notebook for your Bullet Journal.
(tap on the pic) pss… this soft-covered notebook with high-quality dotted paper can become your favorite in journaling…
(tap on the pic) whoah, just look at this marble design and it has 3 ribbons and a pen loop! ok, it has my heart. i think you’ll love it too
(tap on the pic) This best-selling notebook has become a legend in the bujo world. no wonder why: high-quality dotted pages, safe cover, good quality since 1917. issa lit journal.
(tap on the pic) this notebook has the best qualities any journal can have. and it’s only 8$!!! im in loovee

These notebooks are awesome for bullet journaling. But if you’re new and don’t want to spend any money on it yet, any notebook can work.

Yay! We’re moving on.

  • pens

For my BuJo I love using black gel pens. Because my handwriting becomes neater and they’re just simply satisfying.

Black gel pens are basic and are a must-have in my opinion. Here are some good ones:

  • highlighters/colored pens

To add some colors to the pages. As for me, I don’t really like bright colors on the paper, I feel uncomfortable. So I discovered and bought some good pastel highlighters that have become my favorite of all times. These babies are Stabilo Boss Pastel

These highlighters are soft in texture and color. The 6 pastel colors are well-designed and are suupper pleasant for eyes. love love love

Pastel colors are very popular among Bullet Journal lovers. Just like these Zebra Mildliners

The colors lay on the paper softly and don’t overwhelm your eyes with the brightness (just like I love hahah). Creating with them is an amazing process:

credits go to the original sources

Pastel colors are great, but if you’re not into them or want to spice up your journal with vibrant vibes, look at these babes

These pens are thin, comfortable to use, write smoothly. They’re great for drawing lines and details.

If you’re really into drawing and fancy handwriting these brush pens are perfect.

Look at how you can create with them:

credits go to the original sources
  • washi tape

Along with the pastel highlighters and pens, I love decorating my journal with the soft-colored washi tape. It is easily torn with hands and this way creates some type of aesthetic of a cute scrapbook.

My favorite washi tape:

credits go to the original sources

Bullet Journal has become a cool part of my life. It helps me to keep up with my work and goals everyday. But also I decorate it so that it could inspire me. If you wonder if it takes up a lot of time – no. Simple but elegant pages require a little time (and they’re the best and my fave tbh).

If you love Bullet Journals or just started to like, every month I give some BuJo inspiration and ideas for the next month in my moodboards series. Check out this February!

Have any questions or thoughts on this post? Feel free to leave a comment down below. Looovee uuuuu

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How to start a Bullet Journal to be productive and inspired - My Vivid Life

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