How to feel better in the morning

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Hey, let’s face it, it’s very hard to feel awesome in the mornings, especially if you have to go to school or work. And usually, this bad mood stays with us throughout the day. But how to actually feel better in the morning. Is it even possible?

Yes, completely. And I know how. Check out these tips down below.

  • stretch

If it’s hard for you to stay awake right after you get up, try to do some exercise. For example, 10 jumping jacks, 10 squats, and 30s plank. It’ll help your body to wake up and start working.

  • sunshine & air

If the weather is nice, open the curtains and let some sunshine in. Open the windows to let some fresh air in. Breathe in and breathe out.

I’m a lover of the sun and natural light. And it motivates me a lot.

Especially, when the sky is still in pretty colors after the sunrise (ahh always gonna be that romantic girl who gets excited when the sky is in pretty colors hah).

  • water

Wash your face with some cold water. It’ll give you a light dose of adrenaline. And you’ll immediately feel fresher.

After that, drink a glass of water to make your internal organs start working. And you’ll feel better.

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  • music

If you can, turn some music on. Some soft music that calms you. But if you want, of course, you can blast out some rock, but I guess it’s not really good for the nervous system.

Anyways, if you cannot play music, try to remember a specific song. I always do that right after I wake up and realize that I’m not sleeping anymore.

And I’ve noticed that the first song I remember in the morning directly influences my mood throughout the day.

And that’s kinda cool because I can really control my mood to some extent. Because it like plays in the background of my mind if that makes any sense lol.

  • breakfast

A healthy, delicious breakfast can set you in the right mood in the morning. Get some fruit. Prepare oatmeal and add something cool in it to make it tastier. Bake your favorite cookies the night before.

Search some good recipes on Pinterest. Maybe even get inspired to cook something you’ve never done before.

Make your mornings feel better by eating something that is good for you.

  • get a good night’s sleep

We may often feel not really good in the morning because we didn’t sleep well. Maybe it was too hot or too cold, nightmares, overthinking, anxiety bothered you, or not enough time to sleep.

Try to analyze what exactly bothers you at night and solve this problem. If nightmares bother you, maybe you’re too cold? Get another blanket.

Blow some candles with essential oils (try out these) to calm your mind and body. Create a relaxing atmosphere before going to sleep. Get cozier. Calm down and prepare yourself for better sleep.

Some cute candles:

  • make a to-do list the night before

Prepare yourself for the next day in the evening. Write down some plans you want to do the next morning.

And when you wake up, you’ll have an itinerary and will feel more organized, which actually will help you to feel safer and better.

  • drink some tea or coffee

If tea, it depends on its kind. Green tea will make you feel fresher and will help you to get rid of toxins. Black tea has caffeine in it. So, it will help you to feel awaken more. Tea with fruits sets a good mood for the day.

  • positive thoughts

Ok, we’ve come to my favorite and most important part. Your morning will not be good if you don’t think so. Think about how grateful you are that you woke up today, remember some good moments, or just simply create a perfect image of your day.

Set your mindset positively. And eventually, you’ll attract positive things in your life.

Stop complaining about how tired you are or thinking that it’ll be a shitty day. Find something good to focus on and don’t let negative thoughts take over. And it all will get better. It will. Just don’t stop thinking and working for it.

Having good mornings is possible. Getting excited to wake up is possible. Being positive about things is possible. Everything is possible if you really want it. Remember that ♥


What makes you feel good or bad in the morning? Share it with me in the comments.

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