9 ways to drink more water as a teenager

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You probably know that drinking enough water is an essential part of self-care and keeping your body healthy. But c’mon, sometimes we just forget to drink it or are just way too lazy. I am quite lazy sometimes heheh.

Building a new habit, such as regularly drinking water, is a pretty difficult task. But it’s really important. So, I have prepared some tips for you, how to drink more water if you’re not doing it enough.

First off, get a nice bottle. Yesss, it helps. A nice, cute bottle encourages you to drink more. Simple.

Invest in a good quality one, so that you don’t harm yourself and the planet with plastic.
Here are some really cool ones:

Spice up your boring water
Yes, water tastes a lil bit boring and that is usually the reason why we don’t want to drink it much, which actually leads to dehydration…

But there’s a solution: just simply add fruits or herbs. Yeah, make it fruity (it is also called a detox or fruit-infused water). Fruits will make your drink 10 times healthier and tastier.

You can add frozen or fresh fruits, sweet or sour, local or exotic – any you love. Also, spice it up with mint or basil. Here are a few of some really cool combinations:

•blueberry & mint
•lemon or orange & mint
•orange & kiwi
•raspberry & mint
•blueberry & lime
•lemon & cucumber
•strawberry & basil
Try it. It’s really tasty.

Set the alarm.
Another tip is to set the alarm on your phone. So that every other time it could remind you to take a minute and drink your H2O.

Sticker reminders
If you don’t want to set alarms or just can’t stand them, write the reminders on the pieces of paper or cute stickers.

Stick them around your place on the well-seen spots. Write something like: “Hey! Why are you reading it?! Go drink your water instead!”, or “WATER.WATER.WATER.”, or ” I dare you to drink a glass of water, or…” hah, something like these. But you can write anything you want as long as it encourages you to drink enough.

Use a straw
But a reusable one! A straw somehow makes drinking water a little bit easier and even more enjoyable, as for me. Always carry it with yourself when going outside.
Here are some nice reusable straws, if you don’t have one yet:

Drink a cup before a meal

If you consider losing weight in a healthy way, you can try drinking some water before you eat. You’ll increase your water intake throughout the day. And it can help to eat a little bit less.

Drink a glass in the morning
It’s a good habit to drink a cup of water right after you wake up. It can help to activate your internal organs and start off your day better.

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Track your water intake
If you have a planner, diary, Bullet journal or something else, try to track how much water you need to drink in a day. Or how much you have already drunk. It’s a cool idea because we look at our journals a few times a day. It may help you not forget to drink.

Eat your water!
Some fruits and vegetables are made of more than 90% water! Isn’t it amazing that these foods help you to get your daily H2O?! Hydrating fruits & vegetables:

•strawberries (91.0% of water)
•radishes (95.3%)
•grapefruits (90.5%)
•broccoli (90.7%)
•spinach (91.4%)
•watermelon (91.5%)
•celery (95.4%)
•cucumbers (96.7%)
•tomatoes (94.5%)
•carrots (90.4%)
•cauliflower (91.2%)
•green peppers (93.9%)

What is the best time to drink water?
•After waking up – activates internal organs
•After workout – brings the heart rate back to normal
•Half an hour before a meal – helps in digestion
•Before taking a bath – helps to lower blood pressure
•When you feel sick – hydrates body for proper function
•Feeling tired – recharge your system
•When surrounded by infected and sick people – don’t let settle the infection in the body.

Drinking water can become a regular habit, believe me. Just find the way you love doing it the most and do it regularly.

Be healthy and don’t forget to take care of yourself, honey!

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