How to Become Your Best Self This Summer

Hi, sunny!

This summer we’re going hard on self-development!

Well, heheh. Don’t know how about you but I’ve set a goal to be the best version of myself I possibly can be.

Kind, glowing, radiating with love, peace, and light!!

Ahh yes!

And in this post, I’ve shared some ideas on what I wanna do this summer that can actually help you a lot too.

So, scroll down and get the vibes!!

How to Become Your Best Self This Summer - My Vivid Life
This summer we're going hard on self-development! Check out my summer self-development plan to help you become your best self by the end of summer 2020! #glowup

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review your habits & routines

Take a look at your lifestyle. Are there any toxic and bad habits or routines?

Over procrastinating? Too much junk food? Social media? Detect all of them. Be completely honest with yourself about it.

What doesn’t bring you any good? What should be left or balanced?

Make it a task for your summer – to fight your bad habits.

Mental habits too (such as comparing).

Make it a goal to accomplish by the end of the summer. Take it slowly and step by step.

Create a plan. Track your progress. See results.

How do you really get rid of a bad habit:
  • set the intention to get rid of it
  • figure out the cause of it (why do you keep doing it?)
  • try to limit yourself from the source (eg. set user time limits on your phone, stop buying junk food, delete/get rid of the apps/things you usually procrastinate because of)
  • motivate yourself (write down a goal you want to achieve at the end, make a vision board, write motivating words on bright notes)
  • track your progress (get a habit tracker and track how many days in a row you didn’t distract yourself with this habit)
  • see what works, what doesn’t (if something doesn’t work when fighting the habit, find another way to do it. Do not give up. Seek many ways.)
  • encourage yourself by enjoying something else (instead of scrolling your phone the 5th time, listen to some music and even dance, breathe deeply, and eat a tasty fruit; find other ways to enjoy the moment that will actually bring your peace)

work on your mindset

If you’re used to a negative thinking try to change your mindset this summer.

Start seeing things from a new perspective, a positive one.

Change your self-talk if it only discourages you. Have the time for your mind this summer.

Glow up your mindset.

Stop judging people and yourself.

Don’t take everything too personally.

See struggles as beautiful moments that teach you and will make you who you are meant to be.

Your every struggle, problem, doesn’t matter how small or big it is – it is leading you to yourself, to the life you’re meant to live, to the people that finally feel like home to your soul.

Start to see every person, situation that appears in your life, doesn’t matter how positive or negative you believe it is, from a future you perspective.

See everything that blocks your way as just a stone on a path. Heavy enough to trip over. But not heavy enough to stop you.

This is how you get more positive – at the end of the day see the bigger picture. Do not worry about the details too much, everything will work out.

Treat yourself to some cute sunny jewelry that will bring you tons of positive vibes this summer!!

focus on the things that make you REALLY happy

Start this project you’ve been thinking of a lot.

Keep pursuing the existing one.

What gets you excited like a child? This the time for you to bring yourself some joy again.

Do whatever you want! This is your summer! I don’t have to teach you how to have fun, right?

Start working on something that you know is connected to your future. Do something for your dream job.

Start creating, studying, practicing.

This summer, focus on it.

your best self

Sit down. Relax. Imagine yourself by the end of the summer.

Who you want to be? What a type of qualities do you want to have?

The style of clothes you want to get? Some possible physical changes?

The type of mindset your best self has? The type of people you want to attract?

Imagine every little detail.

Imagine yourself glowing from the inside, it reflects on your face too.

After visualizing and daydreaming start being this person.

Really. Just start.

Start with the easiest – mindset and qualities.

You imagine yourself being kinder? Be kinder. Now.

See yourself being more productive? Get all the work done now, limit your procrastination.

Want to attract loving, attentive, loyal people? You attract what and who you are. Start being the person of your dreams. And see other amazing souls being attracted to you.

Be your best self NOW!

But while chasing your feeling of perfection, don’t forget to stop, take a deep breath, and remind yourself “I’m enough. I’m always being enough”

learn something new/ improve

Set a goal to learn something new and exciting this summer.

It could be a new language. A new skill, such as scating, drawing, bullet journaling.

Or get better at something. Continue and try harder doing or creating.

focus on your health

On physical and mental.

This summer set a goal to eat healthier, workout more, practice deep breathing.

Start setting healthy boundaries around your mental space.

Don’t focus or take in too much of the outside world problems.

Practice meditation. Make peace with yourself.

Summer is a wonderful time for a healthy glow-up!

practice better self-care

Go to bed earlier to get enough sleep. Eat something that gives you lots of healthy energy.

Find new and better ways to take care of your skin.

Start journaling, it’ll make you feel better and more relaxed.

Change something physically in yourself, like hair color or length.

Check out my self-care posts to get more ideas on it!

Comment down below and share what are your self-imrpvement plan for the summer 2020! I’ll love to hear from you.

Have an amazing summer and life!

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How to Become Your Best Self This Summer - My Vivid Life
This summer we're going hard on self-development! Check out my summer self-development plan to help you become your best self by the end of summer 2020! #glowup

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