Get Clearer Skin With These 10 Tips

Disclaimer: *this post includes affiliate links, which means I may earn a small reward in cash if you purchase the recommended by me products at NO extra cost for you. 
*note that all skin types are different, something that works for me may or may not work for you. 
Clear and beautiful skin is something that everyone wants. While someone is naturally gifted with flawless skin, for someone it’s pretty hard to get it. In some cases, it’s difficult to treat the skin without the special help of a dermatologist.

But often, the cause of the bad skin is a poor routine and diet. So here are some tips:

  • know your skin type
It is very important because you cannot treat and get better skin if you do not know what is your type. You can define it on your own, or ask a dermatologist.

  • wash your face twice a day

This is the most common tip. You should wash your face twice a day, in the morning and before going to bed.

The water shouldn’t be too hot or too cold in order to not damage your skin.

  • cleanse

Washing your face with only water may not be enough to get rid of all the dirt and oils.

Try using cleansers: (tap on the pics)

  • moisturize

Try to moisturize twice a day. Good moisturizers do not cause breakouts. Even if you have an oily type of skin moisturizing will not make it worse.

  • exfoliate
  • Every other week exfoliate your face with brushes and scrubs. It will help you to get rid of the dead skin.

    But use soft scrubs to not damage your skin.

    • use sunscreen

    While the idea of getting a golden tan sounds awesome, the idea of getting skin cancer and wrinkles doesn't, right?

    Even on cloudy or cold days use sunscreen or products with SPF. Here are some good sunscreens that are also not harmful to the environment:

    • face masks

    There are different types of masks for different purposes and types of skin. You can try having them a few times a week.

    • water & a healthy diet

    It sounds pretty impossible to have clear skin while being dehydrated and having a poor diet.

    Eat more fruits, vegetables, less junk food, and soft drinks. All the changes start inside.

    Read: How To Drink More Water

    • squeezing pimples

    You definitely heard that squeezing pimples can cause the breakout. And it is true.

    But if you still do this sometimes (and I think we all do lol) wash your hands before and wash your face after popping it.

    • change a pillowcase once a week

    All the dirt and oils from your skin gather there. So you might want to wash it more often.

    All these things should become routine in order to see the results and finally get better skin. And it'll glow.

    Take care of yourself, lovely!

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    1. These are great tips, although I will say that I just wash my face once a day because if I washed my face at night then for all intents and purposes it shouldn’t be dirty in the morning so I’ll do a rinse.

      – Avalon from

    2. Diets make such a difference in how our skin looks and feels! I’ve been washing my face twice a day making sure to wash for at least sixty seconds, and my skin has had such a massive improvement even from a few weeks ago!

      Ashlee |

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