December moodboard, wallpapers, collage

December Mood Board

December moodboard, wallpapers, collage

Hi, darling! How you doin’? I really hope that you’re okay.

Welcome to my series of the month mood boards. Every month I will upload a collage of pretty pictures and words that you can save and use as a background for your phone;)

With the collage, I’ll share my thoughts on the upcoming month, my favorite songs, some cute poems, quotes, and Bullet Journal inspiration.

Soooo… it’s December and a holiday season! Also, it’s my birthday month and I’m turning 15 on the 26th heheh. Oh, such a busy month. But I love it. A lot. Especially, this Christmas magic. When the streets are full of bright lights, hearts of love and the air of new hope.

December is amazing. Not just because of all this Christmas and New year stuff. I think it has a certain magic in its ending of the year. When you’ve grown up and become a year older, maybe even changed a lot (in a better way ofc). And it’s a beautiful time to think about all the good and bad moments, what made you who you are now, and who you want to be in the future.

It’s a good time to think about your life. What you want, what you don’t want, how can you be better, what to improve, what’s not working and what you should just let go of. Take some of this time for yourself. Write down your thoughts. Think about everything but try not to overthink and let bad emotions take over.


My aesthetic for this month is pastel brown. I felt this color a lot. It brings, I guess, some sense of being safe, grounded, wise, but also it’s gorgeous.

Some of my favorite quotes are:

be the energy you want to attract

– notes: I do really think that we attract people, situation and feelings that are similar to us. It’s like, we’re becoming a magnet for these vibes. And it’s important to make sure we’re giving off pleasant and positive vibes so that we could attract more of these things to our lives.

one day your heart will bloom again

– notes: if you’re experiencing bad times right now you should remember that one day it’s gonna be over and hope, love, joy will sprout in your heart again, it’ll bloom, beautiful flowers will appear in your soul and mind again, very very soon…

I’m going to make a very beautiful life for myself, no matter what it takes

– notes: it’s a powerful mindset to have. Don’t settle for anything less than your worth. Work hard enough to make your dreams come true. Don’t give up on your beautiful future. Never.


And now it’s time for some music. I guess I won’t share my month playlist, I’d rather share some of my favorite songs of this year (they’re all the same anyways).

Ok, the top-new artists that I discovered this year were Surfaces, Petit Biscuit and Noah Kahan. These 3 are my favoriteeee, ahhhhh, they’re just sooo good hah.

Surfaces’ music is super warm, it feels like you’re lying on the soft sand near the ocean somewhere in Hawaii. And you don’t want to get up because it’s the moment you’ve always dreamed of.

Petit Biscuit’s music feels like it’s from the outer world. There’s something magical in it like celestial gods made it. It takes you away from reality and lets you experience unusual things.

I love Noah Kahan’s music ’cause it feels like home, so soft and like being under a soft blanket when there’s rain outside. And you’re feeling safe. And also becoming a stronger and better self.

Some of my favorite songs of the year:

  • All We Know by The Chainsmokers
  • Be Honest by Forrest.
  • Beam by Petit Biscuit
  • Busyhead by Noah Kahan
  • Coastline by Hollow Coves
  • Creation Comes Alive by Petit Biscuit
  • Cynic by Noah Kahan
  • Follow Me by Petit Biscuit
  • Forever Being by Petit Biscuit
  • Full Moon by Petit Biscuit
  • Gonna Lova Ya by Avicii
  • Gravitation by Petit Biscuit
  • Iceland by Petit Biscuit
  • The Nights by Avicii
  • The One by The Chainsmokers
  • Stay by Kygo
  • Sunset Jesus by Avicii
  • Sunset Lover by Petit Biscuit
  • Taste The Feeling by Avicii
  • Where The Light Is by Surfaces
  • We Were Young by Petit Biscuit
  • Young Blood by Noah Kahan

    Bullet Journal for this December mood board. I’m feeling that earthy tones take me over this month heheh. But it’s really cute.

    How do you feel about this type of mood boards? I would love to hear from you in the comments down below:)
    May this December be a super happy and joyful season for you! Love u to one of the Jupiter’s moons and baaack! Byee!

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