Do This Everyday to Become Your Better Self – 12 Habits

In this post: 12 Everyday Habits to Have to Become Your Better Self. Hiii, sunny! I admire people who are constantly improving themselves. While at the same time they know that they’re already valuable and enough. And I admire you a lot. For clicking on this post. For seeking new ways to go higher and …

9 Gorgeous Ideas For Decorating An Inspiring Study Space

Hi, sunny! In this post, I talk about 10 things you need to make your study space more inspiring and motivating. I strongly believe that your study (or work) space should work for you and motivate you to get done more. And as a quite creative person, I crave inspiration from my surroundings. So, I wanted to get some inspiration for you too – 10 things to have in your study space to make it inspire you!