August 2020 Mood Board

Hiii sunny! Happy August and Leo season!!

2 months of summer have been incredibly hard and fast for some of us and the whole world.

But it doesn’t mean that August has to be the same.

Maybe the obstacles will still be there, but we can deal with that!

Okay, enough of sad things. Because it’s still summer and we have time!

If you think you’ve wasted your summer, you can still:

  • go on a picnic w/ a friend or by yourself
  • dance in the rain
  • stay up all night
  • have a dance party
  • bake a cake
  • eat ice cream ’till you can’t anymore

Summer isn’t over yet! You can do the things you wanted to do, really!

Go get that blast before school starts. But be safe!!

Also, speaking of school.

This August I’m planning to post as many school related posts as possible.

I want to gather all the tips, hacks, advice so that you could be prepared AF for the new study year.

And first things first, you can get your life together this August!!

I have a new post where I share what helps me to feel that everything is planned and secure before school starts.

Check it out here – get your life together this summer!!

I, also, have prepared freebies to help you be more organized.

1. Get Your Goals Together

Before the new study year starts make sure that all of your goals are organized and you have a proper action plan to achieve them.

And my new freebie will help you with this!

In one section, you can write down all of your existing and new goals.

In another, the steps of completing that goal.

And additionally, you’ll get 2 sections where you can write down your priorities and new routine ideas/ habits that you need to have in order to achieve your goals.

And this is all is free! Isn’t it amazing?!

Get your goal planning freebie here!
2. Back To School Organization

To make sure that your life is together you have to be prepared for the new school year.

And my second freebie will definitely help you with it!

It has 3 columns where you can:

  • write a detailed to-do list of all the things you need to do before school starts (e.g. room makeover, change hairstyle, outline new goals, etc.)
  • have a shopping list and wishlist, where all of the things you want/ need to get before school, are stored (e.g. get new jeans, notebooks, would like new stationery, etc.)
  • get a notes section to save new ideas, thoughts, etc.

With this freebie, you’ll feel less overwhelmed with where to start getting prepared for your new study year. It’ll keep you organized because all the things are stored there:)

Get this awesome planner for free here!!

Let’s get back to our mood board!!

Here are some inspiring quotes for August 2020:

I hope you have a wonderful August!!

What are your goals for this month of August? Do you have any plans? Feel free to share in the comments below:)

Share or save for later!!

August 2020 Mood Board - My Vivid Life
Meet August 2020 with my newest mood board. Get a fashionable and gorgeous phone background, a vibey playlist, and 2 freebies!! #wallpaper

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