Hii! I’m Vika, a 15-year-old teenage girl who writes about the stuff she loves and tries to spread the positive vibes in this world.

How would I describe myself? I’m a love hippie who wants peace, optimism, and equality for everyone.

I love summer, moon and stars, Tropical House music, 50’s California vibes aesthetic, and a good laugh time.

How I got here?

In January 2019, I created a self-care account on Instagram. I decided to make it because it was really popular back in that specific time. I didn’t plan on doing or having something more than just posting some tips.

But it changed my life for the better. I found so many friends from all over the world that I’ve never even had so many acquaintances in my real life.

I treat my every follower as a friend and create the very best content I can for them. And I’m open to new people – if you want we can become friends too, just message me to chat!

Then, in June 2019, I was so enlightened by the idea of having something more than that account, maybe something that would also involve my life too into the content I create.

And since June, I’ve been working on this website – my blog.

I’m so excited to share with you guys the stuff that I love here! I want this blog to flow into this world as a sunshine ray and bring the light in it!

And you’re part of its and my journey too! Let’s make this life a little bit better together❤

Something more about me:

  • full name – Victoria Volodymyrivna Luts
  • zodiac sign – Capricorn
  • how old are you – 15 years old
  • where are you from? – Ukraine
  • when’s ur birthday? – December 26
  • how tall are you? – 5’4″ (165 cm)
  • ur eye color – gray
  • fave colors – pastel yellow, lavender, peachy, aqua
  • fave flowers – lavender and sunflower
  • dream pet – golden retriever
  • fave song – All We Know by The Chainsmokers
  • fave celeb – Kygo
  • fave quote – your imperfections make you unique
  • why the name ‘my vivid life’? – with the help of this blog, I want to create a really vivid life for me and to help to brighten yours, guys!

You can contact me here or through social media links on my home page

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