50 Self-Care Ideas to Help You Get In Tune With Yourself

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In this always hurrying and a rather depressive world, self-care has to become an important part of our lives, especially for people who often experience the bad aspects of life.

I have prepared 50 ideas and ways on how to have some self-care time. It can be 10 minutes a day or even the whole day, it doesn’t really matter. What matters is the time spent with benefits for you and your health. Happy self-caring!

  • do something new, that you’ve never done before but really want to
  • draw or write what’s on your mind
  • take a minute and look at the sky, stars, or moon
  • pet some furry friends
  • go out in nature
  • declutter/tidy your space
  • have a face mask
  • exfoliate your lips and body
  • take a nap
  • drink some water

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  • collect flowers for pressing
  • plan a trip in great detail
  • memorize a poem
  • find and record some sounds you love
  • customize a piece of clothing
  • read a book you loved from childhood
  • climb a tree and spend some time there
  • find a free local event to go to
  • visit an animal shelter
  • try to recreate a great meal you once had
  • hug someone you love or hug a tree
  • sing
  • talk to friends or family
  • turn off notifications
  • laugh and joke
  • eat something delicious, don’t limit yourself
  • do something you love and what makes you happy
  • create a piece of art
  • figure out how to start meditating
  • find new music and create new playlists
  • read an inspiring book (I highly recommend “Be Love Now” by Ram Dass, a book about how to love everybody unconditionally just because they exist)
  • make a bucket list for the next season
  • buy or take care of a plant
  • make or buy some tea or coffee
  • wear cute and comfortable socks
  • take a long shower with good smelling products
  • write a letter to your future or past self
  • write a love letter to yourself
  • describe everything you feel right now on a camera or paper
  • start a journal

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  • watch the sunset or meet the sunrise
  • treat yourself with some new self-care or makeup products
  • organize your study notes (or notes and writing in general, even on the phone)
  • exercise
  • try doing yoga and learn some basic techniques
  • burn the candles with essential oils
  • read some quotes and write them down
  • watch relaxing videos or nature documentaries
  • stay present. don’t let your anxiety and overthinking take away your future. stay present and be here now
  • smile! because you’ve made it through to this moment. you’ve survived so many things and days when you felt everything and nothing at the same moment. but you’re still standing still. smile because of how strong you are and keep fighting!

Smile because of the thought that the best moments, memories, and feelings haven’t happened yet! They’re waiting for you darling. So you might take better care of yourself and start loving and valuing yourself as much as you love others.

Tell me about what activities you do when you have a “me” day or moment in the comments down below.

Have a nice day and life! And don’t forget to show me some love by sharing or saving this post for later:)

50 Self-Care Ideas to Help You Get In Tune With Yourself - My Vivid Life
Get in tune with yourself during the self-care time. 50 ideas!! #selfcare

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