20 Healthy Habits to Develop For a Better You

Life is an endless process of growing and developing yourself.

For example, every day you can learn something new and become cooler than you were yesterday. Or change something in yourself and become cooler than you were yesterday again too lol.

Or, you also can change your way of living and get some good habits, in order to grow into a better version of yourself. Check out these 20 ideas:

  1. watch less TV and Netflix

Ok, I admit it, sometimes instead of doing my hw or some other important things, I just watch these stupid series and movies and programs and all the stuff that I shouldn’t be watching now and end up regretting it.

Don’t be like me.

Let’s give up this bad habit and become more productive. I guess, wasting your precious time only having movie marathons will not lead you anywhere cool. So, yes, less TV & Netflix.

2. get out of bed sooner

Getting out of bed as soon as you wake up and have some time (without a phone) to analyze your dreams, day, and what’s going on is a great habit that will save you some time.

3. no social media ’till 10 am and after 10 pm

In the morning, you are too vulnerable after sleep. And refreshing your notifications with likes or views can seriously harm your mental health when you don’t see what you expected.

The same goes for the time before going to bed. Fill your mind with some beautiful thoughts, inspiration, get some ideas of today’s daydreaming scenarios that will get you to fall asleep ( I do that always hahah), listen to some music and go to sleep peacefully.

4. eat your breakfast

5. take some time for the things that make you happy

There’s 1440 minutes in a day. Make some of them be the minutes of joy and happiness for you.

Even these 5 minutes of playing with your pet. Or 3 minutes of listening to your favorite song. Or a second of telling someone how much you love them can improve your well-being.

And if you learn to dedicate a little time to yourself and your happiness every day and turn it into a habit, life will be much more pleasant and brighter.

6. talk less, listen more

Get this nice habit to stop oversharing the details of your life and start listening to others more.

By asking people more about themselves and actually listening, you can get them like you even more (scientifically proved).

7. 3:30 rule – 3-minute break after 30 minutes of being inactive

Whether you’re studying, working, or watching TV try to use the 3:30 rule. It means that after every 30 minutes you spend being inactive or sitting, get a 3 or more minute break.

Go and drink some water, do some squats, jumping jacks, or push-ups, get some fresh air. Get a small break for your mind and body, let them rest a bit.

8. get a morning and night routine

Figure out what you need and want to do in the morning and before going to bed. Get a specific routine to follow, it’ll train you to be disciplined and will improve your life.

9. stop checking who liked and watched your story

Get the habit to stop worrying about numbers in the social media world, about who watched your story, or how many notifications you got.

They are just numbers. They don’t make you any better or worse than who you really are.

10. journal

Journaling is a nice way to get all your thoughts on paper, or to escape, or to stay productive and inspired. Get yourself a journal and see your life improving.

Check out this guide post!: How To Start a Bullet Journal To Be Inspired And Productive

11. schedule your day and make to-do lists

Get ahead of the game and start properly planning your days. The first task on your list should be the most important one. Stick to the plan and do the best that you can.

12. keep ur room clean

In a clean and tidy room, it’s better to breathe and work;)

13. laugh more often

“Laughter is the best medicine” – I couldn’t agree more tbh. Dedicate some time in a day to watch some memes, videos, or meet up with friends who make you laugh hard.

Moments like this will make your life more fulfilling and you happiiiieeer!

14. stretch and work out

Whoah! This habit pretty much has to get into my life heheh. It’s like, we should not only work on our mental health and well-being but also focus on some physical wellness.

15. practice visualization

Visualization is a powerful tool that helps to achieve our dreams and goals. Just simply take a minute to imagine your perfect future or something you want and set your mind on doing that.

Or if you’re not into daydreaming, create a visual representation of your goal with the help of a mood board or a Pinterest online board.

And if you learn to do this every day and remind yourself where you are going, success is inevitable!

16. set your goals

It’s the same as with the visualization. Get the habit to set and focus on your goals, and stick to the plan in order to achieve ’em.

17. practice gratitude

A grateful heart is much happier than a heart that always complains.

Strive to be grateful and appreciate everything in your life (and I really mean everything: good and bad things that help you to grow).

You know you’re truly glowing and thriving when you are grateful for everything but still keep working for something, ’cause you know you deserve more.

To develop the habit of frequent gratitude you can write all those things down in your journal, or just take some seconds to think about that. And you’ll see yourself glow!

18. compliment strangers

Try to notice something good or cool in every person you see. You don’t have to say it out loud, just a simple thought like “wow, she nailed that look!” or “hey, his hairstyle is lit!”

Why this habit is healthy? After some time you start noticing the beauty of others, you’ll see more of your own beauty.

And you’ll feel much better being yourself. Because this world is so beautiful. And it wouldn’t be like that without your part of beauty…

19. stop comparing

It refers to the previous point. If you thought that this girl is pretty don’t compare yourself to her, in any way!

Stop defining your self-worth by comparing yourself to others! Stop that. Please.

20. work on ur fears

We all have some weird or deadly fears. And I do not only talk about heights, sharks, spiders, or darkness. For example, the fear of public speaking.

I think I have that. Every time a teacher picks on me, anxiety takes me over and I start to blush like a tomato. I know it’s a fear, and it can easily turn into an anxiety attack.

I try to fight with it, by practicing my public speaking and gaining some self-confidence. But everything takes time and i hope I’ll get over this fear.

If you fear something, do something about it, don’t let yourself struggle with all the bad emotions it brings! You’re much more than what you’re anxious about!

These 20 ideas is just a small part of what you can do daily to improve yourself and your life. Because all the changes start from inside and your routine.

Happy glowing!

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20 healthy habits to develop for a better you - My Vivid Life

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