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Do This Everyday to Become Your Better Self – 12 Habits

In this post: 12 Everyday Habits to Have to Become Your Better Self.

Hiii, sunny!

I admire people who are constantly improving themselves. While at the same time they know that they’re already valuable and enough.

And I admire you a lot. For clicking on this post. For seeking new ways to go higher and higher than you were yesterday.

It’s beautiful.


Well, so how do you start?

First, you have to set an intention and realize that you can be and do better than you already are/do.

Don’t mistake it for the thought that you’re enough and you’re already perfect. In fact, you ARE enough. And you ARE perfect.

But you’re alive. And all living things never stop growing and evolving. We all go through the constant cycles and changes, leaving behind the things that don’t serve us anymore.

That is why it’s crucial to look for the new ways to improve yourself.

So set the intention that from now you’re dedicating more time for self-improvement. That you’re evolving and everyday becoming the very best version of yourself.

“I am enough. But I choose to grow and get even better, better, and better.
12 Everyday Habits to Have to Become Your Better Self - My Vivid Life
Seek new ways to improve yourself? Start with these 12 cool habits! #selfimprovement #betterself

1. focus more on your health

Start paying more attention to what you eat, how much you exercise and how you treat your body. If your body feels good you’ll feel good too!

  • Eat more veggies and less meat (if ur not vegan)
  • Get enough night sleep
  • Drink more water
  • Stretch/Do some yoga
  • Breath deeply
  • Create a workout plan

Here’s my favorite 10-minute workout at home you can start with:

  • 50 jumping jacks (cardio)
  • 30 squats (legs & butt)
  • 30 crunches (abs)
  • 15 push-ups (arms)
  • 20 sec. wall sit (legs)
  • 20 side kicks for each leg
  • 30 sec. plank (the whole body)

Take care of your body. Treat it better. Start the changes with a healthy diet and exercise.

2. read more & less of social media

You definitely know that social media is not always good for your mental and sometimes physical health too.

That’s why in order to grow choose reading and learning more.

Spend no more than 1-2 hours a day being online.

Or if you can’t go that much without your phone, try to decrease the time you spend on social media by 30 minutes or an hour every day.

If you’ve set the intention to grow try reading self-improvement books. They give a lot of valuable advice to help you speed up the process.

3. meditate

Nowadays, meditation is very underrated. But it’s such a great thing!

If you struggle with anxiety, bad night’s sleep, or overthinking then developing a new habit of mediating every day will help you A LOT!

To do this, sit or lay in a quiet place, don’t let anything disturb you. Set an intention to clear your mind. Then close your eyes and focus on breathing.

Inhale and exhale deeply as you get rid of all the thoughts. Focus on it until your mind is completely silent. Remain in this condition for 5 minutes at first.

Then with each next day take more time.

If you struggle try guided meditations. There are hundreds of them on YouTube.

Also, there are lots of melodies with a special frequency that help to get rid of negative energy around as well as in yourself (type in search “432 Hz”, “542 Hz”, “1111 Hz”, etc.)

Daily meditation has proven its benefits for both mental (stops anxiety and overthinking) and physical health (helps to repair DNA).

It is a wonderful habit to develop if you want to become calmer and more in touch with yourself.

12 Everyday Habits to Have to Become Your Better Self - My Vivid Life
Seek new ways to improve yourself? Start with these 12 cool habits! #selfimprovement #betterself

4. random acts of kindness

Strive to become a nice person! It’s fun

Tell that girl that she looks gorgeous today. Don’t scream or be angry at the waiter for messing up your order. Open the door for the old woman.

Encourage your friends every day, show them how wonderful they are. Kiss and hug your mom/dad/loved one spontaneously.

Tell this cute stranger on the Internet that they’re beautiful. Write a love letter to someone you love (to yourself too). Donate a book to the local library.

Being a nice person in a world full of assholes is so uplifting! Both for your soul and the planet…

5. self-care

Start practicing self-care on a daily basis. Take care of your cute ass 😉

Things to do everyday:

  • Track your water intake
  • Track your sleep
  • Follow a skin-care routine
  • Listen to good music
  • Sit in silence for a minute

You can find more ideas in this post

6. be more mindful and aware

Find a minute everyday to fully focus on the present moment.

Feel how gently water touches your hands and face in the morning. Taste and appreciate every bit of your breakfast.

Sit and look at the clouds for a second. Watch how smoothly they float in the sky.

Close your eyes and hear the birds. Or get aware of the silence/noise around you.

Be conscious of the things that you do and feel. See yourself from the third-party perspective.

Your life is a movie. And you play a main role. But sometimes you need to take a time to be a viewer.

When you start being mindful and fully aware on the daily basis it will change the way you see your life. I promise you.

You’ll stop being petty and will appreciate everything you have.

You’ll start noticing that life is much greater than what you thought it is. MUCH greater…

Do it daily. Remind yourself to “turn off” your mind and thoughts. Get in touch with yourself.

7. plan

Get into the habit of planning your life everyday.

Start making more to-do lists, set some goals and tasks to achieve them, get a habit tracker.

Constant planning will make you more organized (or at least you’ll feel that your life is more put together).

Related: how to be more organized as a teen

12 Everyday Habits to Have to Become Your Better Self - My Vivid Life
Seek new ways to improve yourself? Start with these 12 cool habits! #selfimprovement #betterself

8. everyday visualization

In other words, daydream more. Yes. Daydream.

Take a nap and visualize something beautiful. Imagine how you want your future to look like.

Imagine your best self. How you act, dress, behave, treat other people. Visualize every detail.

Imagine your dream partner/friend. How they act, dress, behave, treat other people. Visualize every detail.

Visualize every thing you want. From your future self to how the upcoming event will go (Oprah Winfrey and Will Smith did that to achieve more success).

It is one of the key steps of Law of Attraction. Start visualising the things you want the most.

Feel them, touch them, literally smell them! Create the daydream as real as possible.

And then get up and take the action towards it.

Also, if you find it hard or you just hate daydreaming – create a vision or mood board to look at every day.

It can be a real physical board with many pictures of the goal and inspiring quotes that hangs on the wall.

But it can be a digital mood board too. The one that you can set as a phone background for example (I create monthly mood boards as a wallpaper, check out this April’s).

The best way to create them is in Canva. Easy to use and a lot of ways to use your creativity.

So, why you should visualize things daily?

To stay fully focused. Because the things you focus on manifest in the physical reality.

That’s why in order to become your better self you first need to visualize, then focus, and then take the action.

9. smile and be grateful

Take a second to just smile. Just smile at nothing.

Right now. Smile. Smile at your screen. At the window.

Just do that. Every day.

Think there’s no reason to smile at nothing?

Welp. Do it because you are alive. You’ve come to this planet with a purpose.

Smile because your future is so beautiful! There are so many amazing moments ahead. You should be excited!

Smile. This moment is your life. Just a second in your grand adventure.

And be grateful. Start appreciating things.

Create a gratitude list to fill daily. Write 1 and more things you’re especially thankful for.

Focus on what you have more than what you don’t yet. You’ll attract more beautiful things in your life to be grateful for this way.

10. some time to learn and have fun

Dedicate some time to learning things. Knowledge is power.

Start learning a new language. Get a new hobby. Read an exciting book.

Take a moment of your every day life to learn something new.

Create a new habit of dedicating some of your free time daily on things that make you happy too.

12 Everyday Habits to Have to Become Your Better Self - My Vivid Life
Seek new ways to improve yourself? Start with these 12 cool habits! #selfimprovement #betterself

11. review and analyze your days

At the end of the day write about your day. How it went, what you did, how you felt. What worked and what didn’t.

Write or think about what you want or don’t want to repeat again.

Analyze your mistakes and how to not make them again.

Think about the things you did right and how you’re proud about that.

The habit of revising the past days will help you better understand who you are and who you want to be.

But don’t overthink too much. Don’t worry a lot about the things you can’t change anymore. That’s alright. You’re just learning.

12. write

Get into the habit of writing everyday. Write anything. Just whatever you feel like.

Your thoughts, emotions, worries, suspicions, fears, goals, dreams, random words that pop into your head.

Free your mind. Declutter it. Get rid of unnecessary things by writing them down.

It helps a lot. Clear your mind and will see things from a way different perspective.

In order to become a really better version of yourself you need to first dive deep into your soul.

Change things inside. And then you’ll change outside.

And remember… there are so many good things inside you… the flowers are ready to bloom… are you?

Have a beautiful day and life

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12 Everyday Habits to Have to Become Your Better Self - My Vivid Life
Seek new ways to improve yourself? Start with these 12 cool habits! #selfimprovement #betterself

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