10 Ideas for an Awesome and Fresh Morning Routine

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Hi, sunny! In this post, I describe 10 tips that will help you to adjust and create your perfect morning routine.

1. Wake up earlier

Wake up 30 mins or an hour earlier. You’ll be surprised by how much you can get done during that time.

If you struggle to wake up early:

  • put your alarm on the opposite side of your room. you’ll need to get up to shut it off.
  • drink lots of water
  • force your eyes to stay open by strongly closing them for 20 seconds
  • do 15 jumping jacks and plank for 15 secs
10 ideas for an awesome and fresh morning routine - My Vivid Life
2. Meditate/pray

It doesn’t matter if you’re religious or not. A good meditation session is extremely good for mental and physical health.

In Sunday’s Self-Care I talked about meditation and how to do it if you’re new.

Put everything on silent. Your thoughts too. Let some sunshine and fresh air in (if it’s warm and sunny ofc). Close your eyes. And feel yourself breathing. Feel your body breathing.

Meditation will make you calmer, peaceful, and happier.

3. Stretch

Include slight exercise in your morning routine if you don’t have it yet.

I love doing yoga right after I wake up. It stretches my muscles after sleep, helps my blood flow better, and wakes my body up.

4. Breakfast

A tasty and nutritious breakfast can do miracles to your mood, and your whole day.

Don’t skip your morning meal. Even if it’s just an apple. Your health will thank you.

5. Gratitude

Start your day by writing down what you’re grateful for. We often don’t appreciate what we have and always ask for more.

But you’ll be more blessed if you are grateful for all the blessings you already have.

I love making a list of what I’m thankful for in my journal. It helps me to set a good vibe for the day and live in the moment.

Choose your journal:

6. Silence

Sit or lay in silence after you wake up. Think about nothing. Enjoy the quiet world around you. This moment is your life. And it’ll never be back.

It will help you to stay in the present and will lower your anxiety for the day.

7. Affirmations

“Today is going to be amazing”. ” This day is just another step closer towards my dreams”. “I’m going to be creatively inspired by the world around me”

Fuel the start of your every day with positive affirmations. Believe in them with your whole heart. And everything will be really like that!

10 ideas for an awesome and fresh morning routine | My Vivid Life
8. Read, listen

Read or listen to what motivates you. The perfect morning should always include a good dose of inspiration.

It could be your favorite book. Something that you’ve written. Or your favorite song. Or TED talk. Anything that sparks up joy in you.

9. Journal

I will never stop saying how important planning is. Especially in the morning when you decide how your whole day will flow.

Take a minute or 5. Get your planner or journal and write down your tasks and goals for the day.

I also love to write something that’s on my mind. Something motivational. And reread old notes.

The day gets much better with the journal!

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10 ideas for an awesome and fresh morning routine | My Vivid Life
10. Fave drinks

A perfect morning routine for me includes some time for my favorite drink.

Because anything you love gets even better in the morning. Don’t limit yourself to simple coffee or tea.

Take some more time to make a hot chocolate, or juice, or recreate a great drink you once had.

Set the vibes for the day with good food!

Of course, perfect mornings don’t exist, at least not always.

But you can still strive to make them nicer. Because it is the start of your day. And a good morning routine can make any day flow better!

What is your favorite thing to do in the morning? How do you cope with the bad start of the day? Share with me in the comments down below:)

Have a nice day and life,

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10 Ideas for an Awesome and Fresh Morning Routine - My Vivid Life
Looking for tips on how to improve your morning routine? Check out this post to get 10 awesome ideas! #morningroutine

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